The Pinnacle Method™ embraces three fundamental steps

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    Analyze your audience

  • 2

    Understand the actions and reactions you want your message to produce

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    Modify your delivery in order to achieve those reactions

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    Performance-Based Communication Skills®

    The same time-tested performance techniques that have made actors and world leaders confident, believable and engaging for centuries can have the same impact for non-actors. Pinnacle's performance-based techniques ensures the message's delivery reflects the presenter's intention. The end result is an audience that walks away with a clear understanding of why the message is important to them.

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    Detailed Focus on Delivery

    Knowing how a message is delivered holds the key to its impact. We leverage extensive video analysis to dissect each participant's communication skills. We then provide a customized, step-by-step program to help them address individual needs. The program culminates with a series of interactive exercises and simulations, we sharpen these skills and apply them to practical, real life scenarios.

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    3-Stage Customization

    Pinnacle utilizes a unique 3-stage customization process to tailor each training experience, module and exercise to suit participants' specific needs. The result is an exercise-driven training that is packed with immediately applicable and individually relevant simulations.

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    Pinnacle-Certified Instructors

    With a blend of performance and corporate expertise, Pinnacle-Certified Instructors are the best at what they do: Performance-Based Training. All Pinnacle instructors across the globe complete a rigorous certification process each year. In order to ensure quality and offer the level of deep, individual customization that Pinnacle provides, our instructors train exclusively with Pinnacle. We never use free-lance instructors.

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    Focus on Retention

    To assist with continued growth and retention, Pinnacle offers a variety of retention support options (including access to the Green Room, Pinnacle's Customer Portal and Virtual Coaching services) to ensure participants have a plan to maximize their newly developed techniques.

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Performance-Based Communication Skills®
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Performance-Based Communications Skills

Learn how to influence audience behavior and achieve your objective using the same performance-based techniques that professional actors and influential leaders have utilized for centuries. All Pinnacle trainings are customized, retainable, exercise-driven and immediately applicable--regardless of your role, skill level or message.

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